Our Research Vision

Save favourite 12 Dec December 2010

The research at Mid Sweden University can be summarized in the vision Forests and mountains as resources for industry, commerce and quality of life.

The core of Forests is research within the areas Forests as resources and Industrial information technology and digital services. The core of Mountains is research within the areas Health and Sports science and Tourism and adventure. Sustainable development is focused on in both areas.

The vision contains both areas of competence well established and areas to be developed further. Within the areas well established today, we carry out research of high scientific quality. There are also areas where the university sees a strategic need to develop the research further.

The vision can be divided into two research areas, Industry, Commerce and Growth and Quality of life and Welfare, which stretch over several research areas and faculties. These research areas form the research profile of the university and our ambition is to strengthen each one of the areas, but also to find synergies between them.